Meet the Family

Our small business is located in Central Montana. We transplanted to Montana from NJ in 2004. Travis has always been an avid outdoors man, he has always enjoyed being in the woods, hunting & fishing. Although he loved his former career as an iron worker, he was missing out on watching our 5 daughters grow into young women. Together we started working for a local trapper and that is the beginning of our story.

Having 5 daughters is enough to keep anyone busy, yet Travis is a highly motivated, hard working man. He has taken his iron worker knowledge and welding expertise to set up a highly functional maceration facility.   He cleans over 1000 skulls per year for hunters, trappers, livestock ranchers, resale and even pet memorials.

The girls range in age between 10 and 23. They are all strong independent thinkers, who have voiced their opinions about our crazy family business! At the end of the day, even when they would prefer not to, they are always willing to help out to ensure that we as a family, are successful. Even though the girls are busy with school and other personal activities, they are ready, willing and able to immerse themselves into all aspects of our business.  We couldn’t have made it this far without their support and cooperation.  They even have their own etsy store, check it out below!

Encourage Creativity, Shop products made by the kids

Runs in the Family

Lori Walters, a.k.a aunt Lori, is a self published writer. She wrote a captivating fantasy novel, The day that rocked the 4th Dimension, and powerful children’s series focused on Focusing, The Amazing Adventures of Wizard Wonder.  Wait though, the fun doesn’t stop there, she even designed a fun little creative board game, Fantasy Fashion Fun!  Lori loves to nourish the creative energy in us all and so many family members are part of these amazing projects.  I did some of the art work and illustrations in her books, My children, aunt & uncle all played roles in the wonderfully entertaining Audio Adventure.  As a mother of 5 children I can honestly say there is SO MUCH VALUE in what she is trying to bring back into society.  FOCUS!  Unfortunately this world is so focused on constant stimulation, bells, whistles and computers that her concept hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves, YET!  I would love to see more children get to enjoy the wizard wonder series.  Click below for a limited time sale on the entire series including the fantasy novel!


Check back soon for links to buy artwork and essential oil products made by my Mom!